Android Material Design SnackBar

Another Interesting Component being introduced in material design is SnackBar , SnackBar is just like that of Toast to present quick brief feedback to the user , expect they provide additional ability to interact with through actions and swiping to dismiss they are considerably more powerful than toasts, and the API is familiar. Build Gradle… Read More »

Android Material Design Floating Action Button

A floating action button is a round button denoting a primary action on your interface , FloatingActionButton is nothing but a view extending ImageViews. As the name suggest it floats on top of the user interface and used to display any promoted action, like adding a new item, compose mail, etc . In addition to… Read More »

Android Material Design Navigation Drawer With HeaderView

The Navigation Drawer is a common component in Android apps , Prior to Android Lolipop we have seen how to create Android Sliding Menu Using Navigation Drawer and implementing of which was a never a quick process, but now with the Material Design Support Library , its implementation has become much simpler and easier.In this… Read More »

Android Spinner In Toolbar

As the title of the post suggest in this tutorial we will see how to have spinner widget inside the toolbar in the previous series of tutorial we have seen many example on how to set up the android spinner widget and also we have seen how to have android material design toolbar , in… Read More »

Installing jQuery into your web page

Including jQuery to your web page There are two ways of installing jquery to your web page Downloading jQuery file from . Using jQuery form CDN (content Delivery Network ) . 1. Downloading jQuery File  you  can download jQuery from There are two versions of jQuery available for downloading:    Production version –… Read More »

Introduction To jQuery

Q) What is jQuery ?A) jQuery is the highly optimized JavaScript library designed to simply the client side scripting of HTML .                                                                  OR                        In short , jQuery is write  less do more javaScript library .Note:- jQuery makes it easier and shorter to write JavaScript code. But jQuery does not replace JavaScript by an own language… Read More »

Android WhatsApp Like Material Design Sliding TabLayout With ListView

In the Previous series of tutorials we have seen how to create Custom ListView like whatsapp list which contains imageview and textviews and we also seen how to create the new material design SlidingTabLayout , In this tutorial we will see the combination of SlidingTabLayout with listview which looks similar to the new whatsapp design… Read More »

Android Twitter oAuth Connect Using fabric Plugin

In the previous tutorial we have seen how to integrate twitter into android application using twitter4j library in this tutorial we will see the same instead   of using twitter4j we will use a new  plugin for android studio called as fabric. By using fabric plugin you can avoid writing tons of code , and… Read More »

Launching Android Twitter App To Tweet More Than 140 Character

Twitter which is also know as micro blogging which allow user to compose tweet which should be less then 140 character , Most of the time 140 characters are enough to express ,So in order to compose long tweet i am launching an android twitter application called “TallTweetPost” on playstore below you can find the… Read More »

Android Twitter Integration Using twitter4j

In this tutorial we will see how to integrate twitter social media into android application , there might be a situation in your application were you want to  authenticate the user at the entry point of your application during such time you can force the user to login with twitter oauth login , in this… Read More »