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Android Material Design TabLayout With Icon

TabLayout provides a horizontal layout to display tabs. The Tabs inside the TabLayout is Scroll-able and  is also used to switch between different views .The design support library simplifies the process of Creating TabLayout  widget and  adding tabs to it . In this tutorial we will see how to create tab layout with icons .… Read More »

Alternate html table column color

In the Previous Post We have seen how to add alternative color for table rows , in this post we look around how to add alternative color for columns in a table . In two ways we can apply alternative color for columns using < colgroup  > tag . using javaScript .    using <… Read More »

Create Personalized Textual Animated ScreenSaver

In this post i am sharing a simple and easiest way of creating an awesome  textual based animated screensaver with some awesome template , you might be thinking whether i have to install some software to do so  the answer is absolutely no . Instead we are using an awesome online tool called reddo( which… Read More »

Android Button State Change Example

In the previous post we have seen how to how to drawables for android buttons using android button maker tool , in this post we shall look around how to add different xml design resource for changing state of button i.e ( focused , pressed ) . Drawable Resource XML file : button_default.xml <?xml version=”1.0″… Read More »