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Android AutoCompleteTextView With Google Place API

In the previous series we have seen tutorial on android simple autocompeletion and custom autocompeletion . In this article,  we will develop an Android application which populates an AutoCompleteTextView with Google Places Autocomplete api. The Place Autocomplete service is a web service from google that returns place predictions in response to an HTTP request ,… Read More »

Android Volley JSONArray Request

In the previous tutorial we have seen android volley library  introduction and  how to build a project with it  , here in this tutorial we will how to make JSONArray Request using volley library and parse them using java parsers  and  showing it on to the android list view . JSONArray Request is made when… Read More »

Android JSON Parser Over HTTP

JSON Stands for JavaScript Object Notation which stores information in well organized structure way , which can be human readable and can be easily accessed. Android SDK provides necessary library to work with json .  JSON Structure  : Here In this tutorial we are going to parse the json object from remote URL which is… Read More »