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Android Activity As Dialog Example

In the previous tutorial we have seen how to move from one activity to another using Explicit Intent , in this tutorial we shall see how to open an activity as a dialog window which float’s over it’s invoking activity . XML Layout Create two xml files one for main activity and another which act… Read More »

Android DialogFragment Example

In this tutorial we will try to learning how to create dialog fragment in android , so what is dialog fragment ?, dialog fragment is a  dialog window which float’s on top of it’s activity window , i have already discussed about alert dialog and progress dialog in my previous tutorials . DOWNLOAD CODE Project… Read More »

Android Bar Styled Progress Dialog Example

Android SDK Provides “” class for creating Progress Dialog ,Progress Dialog is a user Interface which is usually used to keep end user engage when performing long running progress . In this tutorial we will see how to creating progress dialog having  horizontal progressing style . Also Read : Android Spinning ProgressDialog . Constructing Progress… Read More »

Android AlertDialog Example

In this tutorial you will see how to create alert dialog box in android ,we are going to see how to creating alert dialog box with one button ,two button and three button ,We also look up on how to theme the alert dialog . Constructing Alert Dialog :- To construct a alert dialog box… Read More »