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Installing jQuery into your web page

Including jQuery to your web page There are two ways of installing jquery to your web page Downloading jQuery file from . Using jQuery form CDN (content Delivery Network ) . 1. Downloading jQuery File  you  can download jQuery from There are two versions of jQuery available for downloading:    Production version –… Read More »

Introduction To jQuery

Q) What is jQuery ?A) jQuery is the highly optimized JavaScript library designed to simply the client side scripting of HTML .                                                                  OR                        In short , jQuery is write  less do more javaScript library .Note:- jQuery makes it easier and shorter to write JavaScript code. But jQuery does not replace JavaScript by an own language… Read More »

Android TableLayout With Alternative Column Color

In the Previous tutorial we have seen how to set the android table layout with alternative row color , in this tutorial we will see how to set alternative column color inside tablelayout . XML Layout file : activity_main.xml <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?><TableLayout xmlns:android=””    android:id=”@+id/tablelayout”    android:layout_width=”match_parent”    android:layout_height=”wrap_content”    android:layout_below=”@+id/trainsearchLayout”    android:layout_marginLeft=”7dp”    android:layout_marginRight=”7dp” … Read More »

Android TableLayout With Alternative Row Color

We have seen how to create Table Layout in android , in this tutorial we will see how to set the alternative row color for TableRow inside the TableLayout , when ever are dealing with table layout that fetch data from database and when the table layout grow large ,adding alternative color to the rows… Read More »

Android Styling Toolbar

In the previous tutorial we have seen how to add toolbar widget to your activity layout in this tutorial we will see how to style the toolbar widget with background color , height and also styling the title and subtitle text properties of toolbar . Setting Toolbar Background  To set the background color for toolbar… Read More »

Android Styling ActionBar Title And SubTitle

In the previous tutorial we have seen how to custom android actionbar by changing the default background with custom background in this tutorial we will see how to customize the actionbar title and subtitle  with text color , text size , text style . In Code The ActionBar title ID is hidden, or in other… Read More »

Android Action Bar setting background color

 In Android Application if you don’t customize the action bar then the default icon and background color is set , if you want to change the icon and background color for action bar then you need to customize the style inside the res directory of your android project . In Code // setting background colorColorDrawable… Read More »