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Android Volley JSONArray Request

In the previous tutorial we have seen android volley library  introduction and  how to build a project with it  , here in this tutorial we will how to make JSONArray Request using volley library and parse them using java parsers  and  showing it on to the android list view . JSONArray Request is made when… Read More »

Android Volley Library and Building Project With It

Volley is a network library for android , which makes networking for android application easier simpler and most importantly faster without worrying to write tons of code and allows you to concentrate on the logic that is specific to your app, by default all the volley networking calls works asynchronously , so we don’t have… Read More »

Android JSON Parser Over HTTP

JSON Stands for JavaScript Object Notation which stores information in well organized structure way , which can be human readable and can be easily accessed. Android SDK provides necessary library to work with json .  JSON Structure  : Here In this tutorial we are going to parse the json object from remote URL which is… Read More »

Android Simple Expandable ListView

Android Expandable ListView is view which is used to group list of data into category , it is quite like listview but has two levels called group and children , groups are expanded and collapsed to show and hide it’s childrens respectively . In this tutorial, we will see how to create a simple expandable… Read More »