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Android ListView Collection

In this Post I am Listing all the tutorials relating to List View which i have covered previously. Android Simple ListView Using ArrayAdapter . Android Custom ListView Using ArrayAdapter . Android Custom ListView Using BaseAdapter with Image and TextView . Android ListView with Alternative list item color . Android ListView Items Active InActive state selector… Read More »

Android CSV Parser

In the previous serious of tutorial we have see how to Parse JSON in android  , and here in this post we shall see how to parse csv file in android and to do that i am placing csv file inside the asset folder of the project directory and parse to show data on listview.… Read More »

Android Custom ScrollView With Styled Scrollbar Example

In the previous tutorial we have seen the vertical scrollview in this post we look around how to style the scrollbar in vertical scroll-view.Lets See An Example Project Detail Project Name Custom_Scrollview Package com.example.custom_scrollview Minimum SDK API 8 Target SDK API 17 Theme Holo Light with Dark Action Bar 1. XML Layout  file:- activity_main.xml <?xml version=”1.0″… Read More »

Android Notification Example With NotificationCompat

Android Notification Allows your application to put notification in the titlebar , and the user can click on this notfication to move another activity .  Here In this tutorial , we will see an example of creating and closing notification with three buttons.  1. Creating Notification      To Create a notification we use of NotificationCompat.Builder … Read More »