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Android Save And Restore Instance On Configuration Change

A Scenario in which activity will be destroyed and recreated each time when the user rotates the screen. When the screen changes orientation, the system destroys and recreates the foreground activity due to the configuration change the data which is available in portrait mode gets lost in landscape and vice-verse , to save this data… Read More »

Android Service And Its LifeCycle

Service is one of the main building block or component of android application , Service component is potentially is used to perform repetitive and long running task or operation in background without interacting with user interface and it doesn’t poses any user interface and it’s own life cycle which is independent of activity life cycle… Read More »

How to Reboot Android Device In Safe Mode

On your Windows PC, you can boot into safe mode to load Windows without any third-party software. You can do the same thing on Android with Android’s safe mode. In safe mode, Android won’t load any third-party applications. Rebooting in Safe Mode allows you to troubleshoot your device – if you’re experiencing crashes, freezes, or… Read More »