Launching Weather App On Play Store

By | May 19, 2014

Launching my third android application on google play store , i have already launched two apps here’s a page  ( my applications ) where i  do listing of all my apps which is being launched on play store , this time i made a weather app which allows you to find the weather report of any geographical location. I made this app for learning purposes and definitely will share how i did in my future blog post .

Below Is the Screen Shot of the application .

Forecast up-to
5 days
Each Day Every 
3 hours Interval

The App has  three main features  

  • Gets Current Weather Report .
  • Forecast Upto 5 days .
  • Each Day Every 3 hours Interval Report .

Get this app on play store by clicking on the image below .

I will be posting how to code this app in my future blog post , i am very active on social media i will be sharing each and every blog post updates ,   If you are active on these Social Media then get in touch by visiting the link below , to receive latest feeds  .

Thank you 🙂