Installing Java JDK

By | March 8, 2013
In this post i am demonstrating JDK7 installation on windows 7 64bit Operating System .

Installing JDK on your system is simple and easy in just 3 steps

Step 1 : Download JDK
     Goto Java SE download site @
 Choose your operating platform

  •    OS (Windows,Linux,Solaris)
  •    OS Type (32bit or 64bit) 

eg: Windows x86 for 32-bit Windows OS or Windows x64 for 64-bit Windows OS ..

I have downloaded JDK7 for windows X64 for 64bit while making this post.
   choose the one according to your system requirement .

Step 2: Installing JDK and JRE
      Step 2.1 :Installing JDK 
                          Double click on JDK.exe file and then click Next

By default, the JDK will be installed in directory “C:Program Filesjavajdk1.7.0_{xx}”,where {xx} denotes the latest upgrade number and then click Next .

                                                         It takes few minutes to install .
          Step 2.2 :Installing JRE
                         By default ,JRE will be installed in “C:Program Filesjavajre7”.
Step 3:Configuring JDK
     After successful installing JDK last step is to configure it to System environment variables .
 Click on windows –> my computer –>properties
            which opens  windows and there click Advanced System Settings which opens your system property window and there click on Environment variables .

Now Environment variable window is opened and there inside System variables .click on variable path which popup up a windows and there you can enter your JDK installed directory path upto bin directory  ( like c:Program filesjavajdk1.7.0_05bin ) .
     Step 3.1 :To check JDK is configured
                    open command prompt and try this commands .
  •  java .
  •  java -version (Tells your current version of JDK installed) .

If the command work then your Done .