How to install Android SDK + ADT into eclipse on windows

By | March 19, 2013

This post is intended to guide beginner’s for setting up android development environment into eclipse to quickly start android application development .

Platform    :  Windows 7 64bit OS .
Software    :  JDK  , Android SDK , ADT plugin.
IDE             : Eclipse Juno .

Step 1

Download and Install JDK

Firstly you need to install java software into your system , for complete details on installing and configuring  JDK (java development kit) visit java installation page .

Step 2

Download Eclipse

Download eclipse from eclipse download page, you can download galileo package or higher one , 
while making this tutorial i have download eclipse juno package .

Step 3

Download and Install android SDK

Android SDK provides Necessary API Libraries and Development tool which is need for building , testing and debugging your android application .

Android SDK is avialable for different platforms like windows , mac ,linux download SDK according to your platform , while making this tutorial i have downloaded SDK for windows platform .

Double Click on Download  .exe  file

Android SDK Installation                     Click Next to move to Next window …

Android SDK Installation

The Android SDK Tool setup now checks for whether JDK is installed or not if JDK is not installed you cannot proceed further , so make sure jdk is installed click here to view the complete instruction of installing JDK into your machine .

choose the directory in which you want to install Android SDK default location is ( c:Program Files(X86)Androidandroid-sdk )  and then click next

Android SDK Installation

            click install  and click next  wait for installation to complete  and then click finish .

Step  4

Installing Platform Tools

Once After Installing SDK goto the installed android sdk directory here in my case it’s 
( C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-sdk ) , there you can find SDK Manager.exe click on it which you can below in the below image.

Android SDK Install Directory Path

On Click of  SDK Manager a window pops up there select the checkboxes to install the packages and then click on install button ,a new window pops up there accept the license and click on install button , it takes sometime to install , keep patience the installation of packages depends on your internet speed .

Step 5

Installing ADT for Eclipse

Android offers a custom plugin for the Eclipse IDE, called Android Development Tools (ADT), that is designed to give you a powerful, integrated environment in which to build Android applications.

Now open eclipse IDE

Android Eclipse

When the eclipse gets open ,there you will see a tab help under that click on install new software a install windows gets open and there click on add button ,

Add Following details into Repository dialog
           Enter ” ADT Plugin “for name field
            and  “  ” for location fileld

and then click ok

Installing ADT for Eclipse

The available software window pops up  there select  the check-box next to developer tools label and then click next and then next

Installing ADT for Eclipse

click next  Read and accept the license agreements, then click Finish. and wait for few minute for installation process to complete .

Installing ADT for Eclipse

once installation completes restart the eclipse .

Step 6

Configuring ADT

 Now In eclipse , under windows tab click preferences

Configuring ADT For Eclipse

preference window opens there browser SDK loaction , which list all the target SDK , and the hit apply and click ok .
Configuring ADT For Eclipse

now your eclipse is set to develop android  applications